You want to increase your customer loyalty? You want to talk to Millenials?

Go online product customization with IKKOÉ's Off-The-Shelf Solution

Online Product Customisation Made Easy


Integration With Your
e-Commerce Site

The IKKOÉ module is available in SaaS and can be deployed very quickly and efficiently on all CMS platforms and home-made sites.


Fun and
Creative Product

The IKKOÉ technology is based on neural networks. The user customisation experience is fluid and respectful of your brand identity.


Generation of
Technical Files

The IKKOÉ solution automates your manual production tasks. Manufacture individual orders or short-run orders and keep costs under control.

4 Very Good Reasons to Use IKKOÉ's Product Customisation Solution

Attract New Customers
Consumers drift away from mass consumption. They want to stand out. The IKKOÉ product customisation module addresses this new demand.
Grow Average Cart Values
Consumers are willing to spend more for an ultra-personnalised product. The IKKOÉ module facilitates impulse buying.
Foster Greater Customer Loyalty
The IKKOÉ module offers a fun user experience. It improves your customer journey. It sticks in your customers minds and they come back to visit your site again.
Increase Visibility
Your service of product customization is a real asset in developing your brand reputation and winning market shares.

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