IKKOÉ On Demand

IKKOÉ's features are available on demand, used separately or together.
You already have your own configurator and you wish to make the online customization experience richer on your site?
You would like some support to speed up customer orders processing and production?
It has never been so easy with IKKOÉ on demand! IKKOÉ's algorithms assist you end to end.
I make the experience on my site richer
My customers are delivered faster

I make the experience on my site richer

Stand out from your competitors. Offer an innovative and user-friendly product customisation experience.
IKKOÉ's features are compatible with any configurator, and each feature can be used separately or together.
Make the customization experience on your products richer, offer your users :
  • the Pattern Fabric
  • color and style transfer
  • image and semantic content analysis.
  • My customers are delivered faster

    After the customization purchase on your site, speed up the production process for single units or small series with IKKOÉ's algorithms.
    Keep your costs under control, embed automated features in your environment that are compatible with your industry softwares.
    Embed IKKOÉ's features, developed on demand and tailored for you:
  • Made in France short distribution channels
  • specific data formatting for your machines
  • data exchange with your production and logistic channels.