the inner artists

in your customers

take your customers to unexpected heights



understanding your customers to the core allows you to better address their expectations.


offer your customers an art-recommendation tool to customise an item they chose with an artistic pattern. we all love buying beautiful items. better yet, we all love buying items with meaning. putting one’s sensitivity on an everyday item brings meaning. it brightens the day. that simple.


our tool works on your website and in store. it recommends art to your customers. no need to be an artist or to have the technical skills, our technology takes care of everything.


to use our tool, all one needs is to let their sensitivity out in a very intuitive fashion. making space for subjectivity to pick an artistic pattern is surprisingly pleasant. customising an item becomes extremely rewarding.


your customers can express the inner artists in them by relying on our technology.

we are enablers to sensitivity. subjectivity is key and we offer the right tool to make it real and visible on everyday items.

meaningful purchases make happier customers.



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